The Road to Serfdom

Hayek referred to the planned economy of socialism as the "path of slavery." The book details people's attempts to compensate for their frustration with material needs through state power: the socialist planned economy enters the path of slavery on its own. For anyone who wants to think about individual liberty and government authority, it is considered a must-read classic.

Law, Legislation and Liberty

『Law, Legislation and Liberty』 is a book that redefines classical liberalism to fit today's problems and outlines the basic principles of a free society. A key theme of the book is that the only way for mankind to coexist while enjoying prosperity peacefully is liberalism, which features freedom, spontaneous order, rule of law and limited democracy. What Hayek wanted to show in his book is that society is a 'complex and self-sustaining order' without state planning and regulation.

The XYZ's of socialism

『The XYZ's of socialism』 is a book that shows exactly what socialism is about. A total of 26 writings in the book show the back of socialism's ostensible appeal so that it can understand the fundamental motives and practical consequences of socialism. For no political, economic or social organization system should be judged simply by what its advocates say. It is a translation of the XYZ's of socialism by Lawrence W. Reed, president of FEE.

Free to Choose

The Law