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Center for Free Enterprise(CFE) is a non-profit organization established to spread libertarianism and the free market in Korea. CFE is an independent organization and does not accept government funding. It intends to show that prosperity exists when public policy stand up for free market and minimal government intervention in peoples' lives. In this way, CFE strives to make Korea the most prosperous and free country in the world.


CFE performs the role as the medium for libertarians of Korea to be able to inform the people of Korea of their thoughts. We support the principles of individual liberty, limited government, and free markets. The organization serves students, academics, opinion leaders, and anyone seeking better understanding of libertarianism and free market.

About CFE

CFE, Founded in 1997, focuses on introducing liberty as a life philosophy to the people of Korea. CFE publishes books and journals, hosts conferences, produces a great amount of free resources on its website, CFE is dedicated to preserving and strengthening the foundations of a free society. We believe that securing the liberties of citizens and business is a better way than government intervention. That means liberty, free-market economics, private property, entrepreneurship, and limited government. The government should stay out of the market completely and let the market regulate itself. Economic freedom is not just the best policy for a free people, it is the indispensable framework for the future. CFE is a non-profit, non-political, tax-exempt think tank dedicated to building a freer, more prosperous society. For more information, see, write us at, or phone us at 02-3774-5000.

President’s Introduction

“For a country to entertain prosperity and economic growth, free enterprise need to be encouraged.”
The president of Center for Free Enterprise(CFE), Choi Sung-no, is a firm believer in free market and has been an advocate for it for many good years. Having joined CFE ever since its establishment more than 20 years ago, Choi prides himself in his dedication for his workplace and milestones it has set so far.

Choi describes CFE’s identity as below: “CFE is a type of think-tank to promulgate the value of free market economy in forms of academics and promotion. CFE was founded in 1997 for this purpose. It has been working and shall be dedicated to spreading liberalism and actualization of a nation fit for corporate activities.”

In 2017, Choi became the president of CFE. It was not an auspicious time for neither Korea nor CFE. Political and financial problems entangled the organization. However, president Choi achieved financial independence of CFE through thorough and precise restructuring. Under his management, CFE thrives as self-sufficient organization, a hub for ideas and people for freedom.

Choi doubles down his belief and vision for CFE as its president. “I aspire to function CFE as a concrete unit for Korea to be more corporate friendly, and I believe the idea of free enterprise is a key to do so. By that way, many good ideas and enterprises will rise and thrive, eventually leading to overall progress in our society.”

A scholar and an active writer, Choi enjoys writing for the public and sharing with his peers. Apart from many independent works, his series in market economy mounts up to more than 20 books. Choi has also been serving as the president of The Korea Hayek Society since 2017, and the secretary-general for The Korean Association of Christian Economists since 2015.


Organization chart

organiztion chart

Sung-No Choi

  • Ph.D Economics, Economist
  • 2017~ present President of Center for Enterprise
  • 2017~ present President of The Korean Hayek Society
  • 2015~ present Secretary General of The Korean Association of Christian Economists


  • Economic Freedom Index 1997, Byeong-Ho Gong and Sung-No Choi, Center for Enterprise, 1997




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